Parent-Child music classes for young children and their caregivers.

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About Kids' MusicRound

The mission of Kids' MusicRound is to provide a developmentally appropriate approach to early childhood music education that is fueled by a passion and love for children and music. Based on early childhood development and music education research, KMR provides a fun-filled class environment where families come together to experience the joy of movement and music-making.


The magic of music in early childhood

Early music competence

Every child is born with musical potential, so we nurture that to ensure your child's love of music. Children who make musical neurological connections early on are more likely to pursue musical endeavors later in life.

Physical development

We incorporate large and small movement activities to promote your child's physical development, such as balance, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and much more.


Children with musical experiences are better able to focus and do better in school as they get older. We practice mental skills such as audiation and rhythm to support memory, concentration, and processing skills. 

Social skills

Our activities in music class encourage group participation and sharing while allowing children to learn autonomy by choosing their own comfort levels. Friendships bloom in music class!


Our music classes promote bonding between children and their special adult, especially when the adult is fully engaged. You'll make chemical connections and develop joyful memories to savor for years to come. 


Studies show that early music exposure promotes language acquisition. In music class your child will get to experiment with sounds and communication to build their confidence in verbalization. 

"Thank you for making our first music class so wonderful. We looked forward to coming each week and can't wait until music starts up again! You have a wonderful way with all of the children - it is easy to see why they like coming so much - and you make it so much fun for the adults, too!"
-Sarah and David Z.
"If you want your infant/baby/toddler to be actively engaged and to begin auditory processing skills, this class is for your family. We started our daughter at 8 weeks old and instilled the love of music in her! Many studies have shown students that are involved with music and play an instrument do better academically in school. Why wait, start today - we are so glad we did!"
-Maxine S.