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Miss Marcia

Marcia Kratz, Owner & Instructor - South Jersey & Central Bucks

Marcia has been making music for children with Kids' MusicRound since 2000, after taking her own kids to music class and deciding to become a teacher herself. She taught at the Yardley KMR center for 5 years, and then brought the acclaimed KMR curriculum to her own Cherry Hill center in 2004. As of Summer 2017, Marcia is also the Director of the KMR Center in Central Bucks County, PA.. She has delighted hundreds of families, communities, libraries, preschools, Mom's Clubs and other organizations with her high-energy, interactive music parties throughout NJ and PA. Marcia is also the mother to Jennie, KMR's youngest certified teacher who has been accompanying Marcia to music class since age 3. Marcia's success and the strength of the many positive testimonials from families are the reason she was awarded BEST OF PHILLY!

Miss Andrea

Andrea Wheatley, Instructor - Central Bucks

Andrea Wheatley is very excited to be a part of the Kids’ MusicRound family! Andrea and her husband, Mike reside in Pipersville, Pennsylvania with their three daughters. Andrea started taking Kids’ MusicRound classes when her oldest (now age 12) was two years old. She has sung in church and weddings for years and loves combining her two passions- kids and music. She received her B.A. in Communications from Elizabethtown College. She planned festivals and events for Peddler’s Village for over 14 years and loved being a part of such fun community events.  She also is a travel consultant with Five Star Travel where she specializes in planning Disney family trips. She is thrilled to share her love of music and this incredible program with kids of all ages.


Miss Jennie


Jennie Kratz, Director - South Jersey & Central Bucks

Jennie grew up with Kids' MusicRound, accompanying her mom (Miss Marcia) to music class since the age of 3. At 16, Jennie became KMR's youngest certified teacher. Her experiences with KMR instilled in her a passion for family dynamics, and she has incorporated that into her studies at Smith College where she studies Government with a focus on Family Policy. Jennie plans to become a doula in the near future to support families as they literally grow. Jennie currently handles administrative work for KMR of Cherry Hill and Central Bucks, including social media, web development and maintenance, marketing, business partnerships, and more. She is thankful that KMR has given her own family a way to share their passion for children and music, and she is excited to follow in her mom's footsteps.  

Miss Jeanelle

Jeanelle Jamison, Instructor - South Jersey

Jeanelle has always had a love of music and grew up with a very musical father who always encouraged her to perform, play and be inspired. He taught her guitar and she began singing at open mikes and writing her own songs. Jeanelle and her husband often sing and play guitar together and now, most often, to their three little children. Jeanelle has a BS degree from Montclair State University in Recreation Therapy and has spent much of her life working with the elderly. One thing that she found brought the most joy to her residents, no matter the severity of their disability, was music.  Another big part of Jeanelle’s life is sports and exercise. She works part time as a field hockey umpire and tries to be as active as she possibly can. She hopes to bring this energy to her music classes. Jeanelle took her own daughter to KMR classes, and is excited to begin teaching to share music with children and their families.    

Miss Jen

Jennifer Osborne, Instructor - South Jersey

Miss Jen developed a love for music at a very early age sitting by her father's side looking up at him playing the guitar, hearing him sing.  Music was a joyful part of her childhood and has over into a love of sharing that joy with children. With a background in neurological nursing, Jen is very familiar with the science of brain development and is enthusiastic about the positive effects of music on a children's intellectual and physical growth. After three years of teaching toddlers in a preschool setting, Jen has decided to focus specifically on what she loves best about teaching: sharing a love of music with children.