Music Class

Interactive music and movement classes for young children and their families

    about music class

    Kids' MusicRound classes are designed to guide children through the stages of early childhood music development to achievement of basic music competence. The highly researched music class curriculum sparks the inner musician in everyone - infants and toddlers as well as preschool through elementary aged children. We offer Infant-Only (calmer, less physically demanding) classes and Mixed Age classes to best suit you and your child. With each semester, your family receives one songbook, a CD, and a digital download full of that semester's music so you can take the fun of music class back home with you. 

    Our music classes are committed to inclusivity. Everyone is welcome and celebrated.

    (From the Kids' MusicRound website)

    During our music classes, you and your child will:

    • Sing along to original, traditional and multi-cultural musical selections that introduce your child to a variety of different tonal and rhythmic meters.

    • Learn to keep and follow a beat through drumming, stomping, dancing and musical play.

    • Enjoy a bonding experience that will create memories and make a lasting impression on both you and your child.

    • Participate in music activities that help develop your child's motor skills - such as dancing, clapping and bouncing.

    • Experience the touch and feel of rhythm instruments specifically designed for tiny hands.

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    "Thank you so much Marcia! Your class is awesome! And you are awesome! Both my daughter and I had a great time at our free class today. I love the high energy level, and that the class is in a big room where kids have enough space to move around! And that we wipe down all the instruments after we are done playing with them :) Most importantly, it's so nice to see everyone having fun!

    We signed up for the session on the spot. We visited another music class before but yours is the best! " - Wendy S.


    enrollment policies

    1. Your role as an adult in class is to participate enthusiastically and to set a good example. We request that you refrain from using your cell phone and that you keep conversation to a minimum while class in session. Remember: every child is watching you.

    2. No food is permitted in class at any time. Drinks, bottles, and breast feeding are allowed.

    3. When you accept semester materials, you accept the terms of enrollment. Withdrawal from the program is allowed after one class with return of unopened materials in unused condition.

    4. By indicating your class choices on your registration form, you are committing yourself to that class time. Please make every effort to attend that class.

    5. According to company policy, we cannot offer refunds. If you have a situation you feel needs attention, please contact Marcia.

    6. Older siblings not enrolled in the program are welcome to attend 2 classes each semester at no additional charge.

    7. To ensure the health and safety of the whole Kids’ MusicRound family, all children enrolled in Miss Marcia’s music classes must be up to date on their vaccinations unless they are exempt for medical reasons.

    frequently asked questions

    • Is there music class tomorrow?

      • Great question! To find out, check the schedule handed out to you on the first day of class, or click here. If you suspect class may have been cancelled, check your email or our Facebook page. If you’re still not sure, email Marcia.

    • Can I come to a trial class before registering?

    • The semester has already started - can I still join?

    • Can I get a refund if I do not make it to class every week?

      • No. According to company policy, no refunds can be given. However, we always want you to make sure you get the most out of your registration, so please contact Marcia if you have a situation to discuss with her.

    • Can I bring my child's sibling to music class if they are not registered?

      • Siblings are allowed to attend a maximum of 2 classes per semester without being registered. (Siblings under age 1 are always free and always welcome.)

    • What are adults expected to do in music class?

      • All adults are expected to fully participate in music class - put away the phones, pause the side conversations, and have fun with your child! Your child, as well as all others in the room, will be watching you as a model for how to behave, so it is important that you are engaged with the activities being presented in music class. Being engaged during class will also make it easier to bring the activities back home with you.

    • My child is very active and physical - will they be a distraction in class?

      • Not at all! Music class is a flexible space where we encourage all children to choose their own levels of participation. So long as your child is not risking the safety of others, we encourage you to relax, engage with the musical activities, and let your child explore as they see fit. Of course, if your child is about to reach the equipment and change the song, we hope you'll step in first. :)

    • My child is very shy and passive - is music class a good place for them?

      • Yes! Even if children sit and watch passively, they are constantly observing, absorbing, and learning. As the adult, you will still engage in the activities, and your child will most likely join in before long.

    • Will music class really do anything for my infant? How young is too young?

      • Yes! Babies are taking in everything around them, so we stimulate their mental development and musical potential by exposing them to the fun and joy of music at an early age. Our music classes are also fantastic opportunities for you to bond with your baby, and you will cherish the times that you got to sing with and play with your baby while they stare at you in awe. Lastly, you'll meet other parents who can become a strong and supportive network as your little one grows up.

      • We've had babies as young as 3 weeks enroll in music class, and babies as young as 5 days old accompany their older siblings to music class... so, there is no such thing as too young!

    • How do you address the spread of germs in music class?

      • Disinfectant wipes are always available at music class and are distributed to every adult before instrument activities. Every instrument gets wiped off by an adult before being put away.

    • Is the music the same every semester?

      • No. We introduce a new collection of music every semester that you will also get to enjoy at home.

    • I'm ready to sign up! How do I register?

      • Fill out the registration form here, and then you will receive a confirmation email. Payment is accepted through Venmo (@Marcia-Kratz), or at your first music class in the form of cash or check (to Marcia Kratz).