Your role as an adult in class is to participate enthusiastically and to set a good example. We request that you refrain from using your cell phone and that you keep conversation to a minimum while class in session. Remember: every child is watching you.

No food is permitted in class at any time. Drinks, bottles, and breast feeding are allowed. 

When you accept semester materials, you accept the terms of enrollment. Withdrawal from the program is allowed after one class with ​return of unopened materials in unused condition.

By indicating your class choices on your registration form, you are committing yourself to that class time. Please make every effort to attend that class.

No refunds will be given for missed classes. Requests for make-up classes will be happily accommodated. (Refunds are not offered because 140 classes are run in a semester, and we are happy to work with your schedule to arrange a makeup class. Our policy is very flexible, so we ask that you are, too!)

Older siblings not enrolled in the program are welcome to attend 2 classes each semester at no additional charge.